“We conclude that policemen, like teachers and lawyers, are not relegated to a watered-down version of constitutional rights.”
-Garrity v. New Jersey (1967) 385 U.S. 493

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August 2014 – The Electronic Leash

Just in case the Digital-In Car Camera system and the upcoming body-worn cameras don’t capture your every move, there is another electronic device headed your way. It is called Telematics. This device will read the information in your vehicle’s electronic system, interpret it and make a record that can be retained and read by the Department. It has GPS capability that will track the location of the police vehicle. It will also record speed, brake action and the sway of the vehicle. In other words, the pursuit report is already mostly written by electronics. Where you were going, how fast you were going, when you turned your red lights on or off, your braking action, and the degree that your car leaned left or right when you went around corners will all be recorded. [Full article]

Current Hot Issues at LAPD

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Is the Age of Gotcha Over?

Chief Bill Bratton said it was.  What do you think?  Post your thoughts here.

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