“We conclude that policemen, like teachers and lawyers, are not relegated to a watered-down version of constitutional rights.”
Garrity v. New Jersey (1967) 385 U.S. 493

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January 2016

Disarming the good guys

What would have happened if there had been a couple of fully-armed retired police officers attending the holiday party in the conference room at the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center? Would there still be 14 dead and 21 wounded? The terrorists came in, started spraying the room with bullets and then walked over to those who had hit the ground and executed them. Wouldn’t the retired officers have returned fire? Of course they would. But alas, there was no
one there who was armed. Everyone had to await the arrival of on duty officers and, in the meantime, the terrorists had their way. Murder after murder. [Full Article]

Current Hot Issues at LAPD

What are the current issues that have the greatest impact on LAPD officers.  Stay informed here.

Is the Age of Gotcha Over?

Chief Bill Bratton said it was.  What do you think?  Post your thoughts here.

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