“We conclude that policemen, like teachers and lawyers, are not relegated to a watered-down version of constitutional rights.”
-Garrity v. New Jersey (1967) 385 U.S. 493

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March 2015

Body Worn Videos and Privacy

The train is coming and nothing is going to derail it. LAPD has 7000 body cameras planned for the near future, and not to be outdone, President Obama has promised funding for another 50,000 body cameras nationwide. It’s a run-away train because few are thinking about all of the ramifications of thousands of officers videotaping hundreds of thousands of contacts with citizens. Simple questions like, where is all that data stored and who gets to look at the videos will require careful thought and planning.  [Full article]

Current Hot Issues at LAPD

What are the current issues that have the greatest impact on LAPD officers.  Stay informed here.

Is the Age of Gotcha Over?

Chief Bill Bratton said it was.  What do you think?  Post your thoughts here.

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