“We conclude that policemen, like teachers and lawyers, are not relegated to a watered-down version of constitutional rights.”
Garrity v. New Jersey (1967) 385 U.S. 493

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March 2017 – Police Commission administrative disapprovals matter

When you are involved in a categorical use of force, it starts a chain reaction. First, of course, is the Force Investigation Division interview the night of the use of force. Then, there’s the restriction from the field until you are cleared by Behavioral Science Section and the Chief hears about your shooting at the 72-hour briefing. Then, about nine months later, there is a Use of Force Board. FID makes a presentation of the investigation to the Board, and the Board makes a recommendation to the Chief of Police. This is the first place that Administrative Disapproval may appear in your life. [Full Article]

Current Hot Issues at LAPD

What are the current issues that have the greatest impact on LAPD officers.  Stay informed here.

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