Articles from September 2010

Watch Out on Radio

Both iPad and iPhone have applications that funnel Internet radio broadcasts to their users. The application finds local law enforcement radio traffic and beams it to the iPhone. A friendly citizen heard an officer give his cell phone number to another officer over the police radio. The citizen called the surprised officer on his cell […]

Articulating Uses of Force

Attorney Michael Schwartz of Silver Hadden Silver Wesler and Levine, has been representing police officers in uses of force for a long time.  He capsulates his advice to officers in how to articulate used of force in a well written and interesting article located at  In short, an officer should “lay out 1) what […]

August, 2010 – Attention, Police Commission: Officer Needs Help

It may not be entirely accurate, but the perception is that the Police Commission has been hell-bent for leather to change the “culture” of LAPD, which refers to the street cop’s treatment of the public. Eight years of Consent Decree enforcement have been directly aimed at this goal. TEAMS II has been created as a […]

June 2010 Thin Blue Line article by Hank Hernandez

Financial Disclosures: Don’t Believe Their Spin; Read What One of Our Experts Declared The federal courts have spoken. The League’s long legal challenge to the LAPD’s financial disclosure policy, as implemented by Special Order No. 20 (2008), came to a close on February 3, after federal district court Judge Gary Feess granted the City’s motion […]