Articles from December 2011

January 2012 Warning Bells article

What We Wish Would Be the Chief’s New Year’s Resolution Starting a new year always inspires everyone to look back at the old year and try to evaluate what went right, what went wrong and what can be done to improve our lives in the coming year. Improvements usually take the form of New Year’s […]

December 2011 Warning Bells Article

The Latest Assault on Your Rights! A few months ago, the League found it necessary to file a lawsuit against the Department alleging a pattern on the part of Internal Affairs to, among other things, deprive League members of their right to representation (see the Warning Bells article in the June issue of Thin Blue […]

November 2011 Warning Bells Article

Turning it off is just as important as turning it on. “I didn’t know it was on” may become just as much of a cliché as “I didn’t know it was loaded.” The second is the standard excuse for a negligent discharge. The first is the standard excuse for leaving the digital incar video system […]

October 2011 Warning Bells article

A Life Well Lived Ed Jokisch died last week. His serial number was 180, three digits instead of five. He almost had three digits in his age, too. He was 97. I was honored to be a pallbearer. The burial was attended by his family and some of his old police buddies. They had four […]

September 2011 Warning Bells article

Is the Worm Turning? Every law enforcement agency’s officer involved shooting protocol is not the same as ours. In fact, I would venture to say that no other agency has the same protocol that we do. Surviving the gunfight is less stressful than surviving the investigative protocol in many cases. How do other agencies handle […]

August 2011 Warning Bells article

Why a Civilian? Congratulations to the Board of Directors and the MOU negotiation team for bringing in a fair contract on time. It took a lot of hard work in the current financial atmosphere to arrive at solutions that everyone could live with. The membership’s 96 percent approval rate speaks to the appreciation of the […]