Articles from May 2012

May 2012 Warning Bells Article

Chief Beck on Gotcha When Chief Bratton replaced Chief Parks as the head of the Department, he had an immediate problem. The Parks harsh disciplinary system had convinced patrol officers that the mere act of getting out of their cars risked career suicide. Thus, smile-and-wave was replacing stop-and-frisk. Predictably, arrests went way down and crime […]

April 2012 Warning Bells Article

Hey, who cares? It’s someone else’s tax dollars! Councilman Dennis Zine (currently running for city controller) asked a question that hasn’t been asked before: Why are police officers successfully suing the Department, forcing the City to pay out millions in damages from jury verdicts? “Crazy juries,” LAPD management shouts. “Slick plaintiff ’s attorneys,” they lament. […]

March 2012 Warning Bells Article

New DICVS order By the time you read this, the new South Bureau order on the Digital In-Car Video System (DICVS) will have been out for a few weeks. The first thing you should understand is that turning on the video camera when you are required to is a big deal to management. The second […]

February 2012 Warning Bells Article

Court recognizes Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act (POBRA) The Department didn’t, but this time, at least, the judge had the last word and two officers who had been terminated were reinstated by the court with full back pay and interest. It went down like this, according to public court records. About two-and-a-half […]