Articles from February 2013

February 2013 Warning Bells article

Is 52 seconds too much to ask? It takes 52 seconds to read the League card at the beginning of an Internal Affairs interview. Apparently for some in IA management, that is just too time-consuming. “I don’t have to answer those questions” has been the response of some IA investigators. The League card has been […]

January 2013 Warning Bell article

A Matter of Perspective? The public and all too often Department management seem to find it difficult to stand in an officer’s shoes. For instance, think about this question: How many gunshots are necessary in a shooting situation? It’s a mathematical question for those not involved in the shooting. Averages are calculated and compared, past […]

December 2012 – Warning Bells Article

Why doesn’t transparency apply to Internal Affairs? Chief Beck apologized to the Los Angeles Times on Nov. 4 for failing to disclose that a recent officer-involved shooting press release did not contain the fact that the suspect was handcuffed when the shooting occurred. (See http:// la-le-1104-sunday-charlie-becklapd- 20121105,0,2487850.story.) “The LAPD prides itself on having the most exhaustive […]

November 2012 Warning Bells Article

Beware of Brady when you write that arrest report Just to make sure that your life as a police officer cannot get less complicated, a lot of disciplinary attention lately has been paid to what is not in an arrest report as well as what is. This reverberates around the understanding and misunderstanding of the […]

October 2012 Warning Bells Article

What happens when a Captain-3 is treated like a P-2? Through the courtesy of YouTube and the local media, we have all probably seen the video of our officers dealing with the traffic violator and the use of force used on her. The officer involved appears to throw the handcuffed female to the ground and […]

September 2012 Warning Bells Article

We currently have five officers being criminally prosecuted over reports and court testimony Information in this article about the five officers is taken from the media. No confidential sources were used. We all want the bad guy to go to jail. We all want to see the criminal punished. That is why we make arrests, […]