Articles from September 2015

August 2015 Warning Bells article

One more way to get an out of policy use of force on your record In April 2014, the Police Commission added one sentence to the shooting policy under the Deadly Force heading. That sentence is, The reasonableness of an officer’s use of deadly force includes consideration of the officer’s tactical conduct and decisions leading […]

July 2015 Blue Line article

How video is used in the prosecution of an officer It is a sobering thing to be in a criminal court as the defendant rather than an officer’s usual role as a witness against a defendant. But don’t think that it could never happen to you. All of us are one allegedly poor decision away […]

June 2015 Warning Bells article

Body Warn Video Policy Issued by Department Around 800 body cameras are going to hit the streets shortly. Seven thousand more are on the way. On April 28, 2015, the Police Commission approved and the Department issued the body worn video (BWV) policy, officially called “Special Order 12, Body Worn Video Procedures-Established.” There was a […]