Articles from January 2016

November 2015 Warning Bells article

Warrior or Guardian? Now that the entire department has been retrained under the new policing theory of “not a warrior, but a guardian,” a new philosophy fueling discipline is likely to follow.  Pundits have called the training “Operation Stand Down” or “Operation Hug a Thug” but if you have been around long enough, it is […]

October 2015 Warning Bells article

Stunned by Common Sense Of course, common sense is extremely uncommon, but Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, threw a lot of it out at the Delegate’s Conference this year.  He was one of the key speakers along with Mayor Eric Garcetti and District Attorney Jackie Lacey.  A luminous group to be sure. It took […]

September 2015 Warning Bells article

Finally, a protocol for IA interviews Most of the time, Internal Affairs investigators and representatives of accused officers getalong. After all, it is a state law that requires personnel complaint investigations and it is a state law that requires the right to representation. By law the interview will be done and the officer gets a […]