Articles from May 2016

May 2016 Warning Bells article

An inconvenient truth Use of force policies must be short, simple and trained into the DNA of officers. Consider this. Sergeant Babysitter has been terrific at talking about everything under the sun but your shooting. Unfortunately, you can think of nothing else. The friendly chatter is actually distracting. You know that in too short of […]

April 2016 Warning Bells article

Another damn reason not to cuss! Potty mouth used to be cured with a bar of soap clenched in the offender’s teeth for a period of time calculated to impress on the youngster the joys of cleanliness both in body and speech. Nowadays that punishment would result in potential criminal charges and a visit from […]

March Warning Bells article

Four years of hell On April 15, 2012, Officer Jonathan Lai and his partner made an observation stop that would be life-changing. A 13-second use of force would take nearly four years to adjudicate. First, he was restricted from field duty, then ordered home, and finally, relieved of duty without pay. It started out as a simple […]

Feb 2016 Warning Bells article

Counting the days Doing nothing can have severe consequences. One of the many inquiries we get at the League concerns the various appeals available to officers’ when the Department takes some kind of adverse action against them. All too often, by the time the question is asked, it is too late to do anything about […]