Articles from December 2016

December 2016 Warning Bells article

The League and lawsuits “Sue the Bastards” is a phrase attributed to Environmental Law Attorney Victor Yannacone in the ‘60s that seems to have heartily survived to the present day. It could qualify as a League bumper sticker judging by the number of lawsuits filed by the League in the past year. So how do […]

November 2016 Warning Bells article

Use of Force and the Police Commission  They are supposed to be our leaders.   They are the head of the Department.  Everything they do is a reflection on Mayor Garcetti because he appoints them. So how can they come up with  decisions like this? The bare facts are these. Two officers respond to a 415 […]

October 2016 Warning Bells article

When the crime report becomes the crime It is a noticeable trend. Criminal cases are being filed on officers that not so long ago were only Boards of Rights. It is one thing to have your job placed in jeopardy, but it is completely another to have your freedom placed in jeopardy. And if you […]

September 2016 Warning Bells article

Administrative Disapproval Doesn’t sound like anything you want, does it? What is it? How do you get one?  What can you do about it?  You might think from the media hysteria arising out of the Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and other uses of force across the nation that this media attention to uses […]