Articles from January 2019

October 2018 Warning Bells article

The war on police is alive and well AB 931, a bill by Assembly Member Weber that would have radically changed the standard for uses of force from “objectively reasonable” to “no other reasonable alternative,” was narrowly defeated largely to the efforts of LAPPL Directors Rob Harris and TJ Tarjamo, the support of other California […]

September 2018 Warning Bells article

Now they want you to think! A document has hit the LAN regarding Uses of Force. It is a Training Bulletin called “Command and Control“ (Volume XLVII Issue 4, July 2018). It does not nec¬≠essarily apply when you are under fire. When you are under fire, or about to be under fire, thinking is not […]

August 2018 Warning Bells article

Facebook and the First Amendment I have joked in the past that an officer should be suspended for five days just for opening a Facebook account. Humor aside, what can happen to you while using the internet is no laughing matter. We see internet comments used in many Internal Affairs investigations.  How can that be, […]

July 2018 Warning Bells article

July 2018 – What if we just give them what they want? The LAPD is required on July 1, 2018, to be subject to Assembly Bill 953 (now Gov. Code 12525.5, known as the Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015). You will be required to fill out a four-page document answering questions about every […]