Hot Issues

Most of the crime problems facing us today can be overcome by a fully functioning police force made up of officers with the confidence that they can do their jobs and receive fair treatment and backing by their leaders.  Can they?


Financial Disclosure

There is no evidence that it accomplishes anything.  It is invasive.  It is strangling gang enforcement.  Why is it being done?  [details]

Biased Policing

Yes, it’s a bad thing.  In the minds of many in the liberal community and the media, LAPD officers stand convicted, but is it true?  Even if it is not true, what is the impact in the change in the investigation procedure on the street cop?

It started with the consent decree and became a major issue at the police commission hearing on August 19, 2008.  [details] 

After the commission hearing, things went from bad to worse.  The Ayers Report was published and the Inspector General found fault with biased policing investigations.    [details]

The Police Commission meeting of February 16, 2010, marks the solution arrived at by the Department.  Looking for a solution assumes a problem.  In fact, only a quarter of one percent of enforcement contacts of LAPD officers result in a biased policing complaint.  [details]

Use of Force Investigation Protocol

If an LAPD officer is involved in a categorical use of force, he or she will be subjected to an investigation that is more like an audit than a gathering of relevant facts about the use of force.  Surviving the fight with the bad guy is the easy part.  [more info]

Video and Audio Tapes

Thank god the incident was video taped is an officers first reaction.  But what if the video tape is withheld from an officer as a “gotcha” tool?

The LAPD Discipline System

What is it?  How does it work?  Is it fair?

Fairness in the Personnel Complaint Interview

Internal Affairs is powerful.  An officer’s career is often in their hands.  Are the investigators assigned to an officers complaint fairly trying to ascertain facts, or are they head hunting? 

Downgrading an Officer on a Whim 

There were standards and procedures attached to downgrading an officer from a bonus position.  This has changed.

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