AD Warning-Police Commission AD’s Tactics [007-15]

SHORT STORY: Officers on patrol in a black and white. They see Suspect #1 in intersection blocking traffic. Suspect #1 gets into a vehicle with Suspect #2. Citizens yell that Suspect #1 has a gun and threatened them with it. Officers put on red lights and the vehicle pulled over then sped off. Eventually, the suspect vehicle loses control and crashes. Suspect #2 runs clutching his waistband. Officer A chases after him. Suspect #1 then exits the vehicle, pauses and runs. Suspect #3 and Suspect #4 exit the vehicle and prone out. Officer B chases Suspect #1. Suspect #3 and Suspect #4 then leave the scene. Meanwhile, Suspect #2 being pursued by Officer A, points a pistol at him. Officer A fired multiple rounds at Suspect #2. Officer B, hearing the shots, abandoned Suspect #1 and went to Officer A’s position. The officers set up a perimeter. POLICE COMMISSION FINDINGS: AD on tactics. Officers: (1) did not discuss tactics at start of watch; (2) did not communicate during the incident; (3) engaged in vehicle pursuit without any discussion to post pursuit tactics; (4) did not broadcast sufficient information about fleeing suspects; (5) separation; (6) passing occupied vehicle; (7) left cover; (8) failed to utilize cover when chasing armed suspect; (9) passing unsearched suspects; (10) didn’t carry TASER; (11) didn’t carry hobble.  [007-15]

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