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January 2019 Warning Bells article

Giving credit when credit is due Readers of this column probably know that I am not often complimentary on the actions of LAPD management. This is partly because, as the title of this column states, I am usually warning officers about how to avoid negative contact with the disciplinary system and sidestep career damage. However, […]

September 2018 Warning Bells article

Now they want you to think! A document has hit the LAN regarding Uses of Force. It is a Training Bulletin called “Command and Control“ (Volume XLVII Issue 4, July 2018). It does not nec­essarily apply when you are under fire. When you are under fire, or about to be under fire, thinking is not […]

AD Warning-Tactics & U of F [004-15]

Short Story:  The officers received a radio call from the Fire Department that they were responding to a call where a male had locked himself in the bathroom with a knife, threatening suicide. The suspect’s brother briefed the Fire Department captain.  The captain knocked on the bathroom door.  The suspect opened it and the captain […]

AD Warning-Tactics [002-15]

Short Story: A victim reported that he had been kidnapped by a suspect armed with a gun.  He had escaped and the suspect was still inside an abandoned building.  Officers surrounded the building and requested SWAT and an air unit.  SWAT arrived and swapped out the patrol officers from the perimeter.  In the meantime, the […]

AD Warning-AD UD [001-15]

SHORT STORY:  Officers responded to an ADW in progress three suspects in possession of handguns.  As they arrived, they received word that one of the suspects had run into a market.  The officers surrounded the market.  Officer E removed the shotgun from its rack and chambered a round.  He loaded a round into the shotgun […]

October 2017 Warning Bells article

Dunderheads? Did you realize that 52 percent of Categorical Uses of Force are Administratively Disapproved for at least one officer, and usually more than one? The standard for Administrative Disapproval is that an officer has “substantially deviated from Department policy or training without justification.” A 52 percent failure rate in private industry would immediately result […]

AD Warning-Police Commission AD-Tactics [065-15]

SHORT STORY: Detectives A, Officers A and B observed a suspect holding a pistol out in an extended hand pointing in a westerly direction. The pistol moved backward twice as if being fired. Suspect ran and officers put out a backup on a shooting suspect and gave location and description. The detectives drove into an […]

AD Warning-Police Commission AD-Tactics and U of F [57-15]

SHORT STORY: Officers responded to a radio call about a man breaking windows with a skateboard. Officers saw the broken window and observed the suspect walking and saw him swing the skateboard at a store window. Officers exited their vehicle and ordered the suspect to get on the ground. The suspect mounted his skateboard and […]

AD Warning-Police Commission AD-Tactics-[056-15]

SHORT STORY: Suspect exited a truck, yelled “help me, help me” and wandered aimlessly in an intersection. He then got back in the truck and drove off until he fell out. The truck continued and crashed into a fence. Suspect stood up and walked into traffic. Then took off his shirt and began walking with […]

AD Warning-Police Commission AD-Tactics and Unintentional Discharge [039-15]

SHORT STORY: Parole Compliance Unit officers went to a residence to arrest a parolee with desertion status. The officers formed up in a stick. An officer knocked on the door. He could see the suspect through the window running inside a rear bedroom. The officer’s forced the door and entered. Sergeant A went to the […]