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June 2018 Warning Bells article

June 2018 – Beware the ORWITS It starts with a letter sent to you and the Chief of Police. “Dear Officer X: The Discovery Compliance Unit (DCU) of the Los Angeles County District Attor­ney’s Office (LADA) has been provided information regarding an alleged dis­crepancy between your report and the Digital In-Car Video (DICV) regarding the […]

October 2016 Warning Bells article

When the crime report becomes the crime It is a noticeable trend. Criminal cases are being filed on officers that not so long ago were only Boards of Rights. It is one thing to have your job placed in jeopardy, but it is completely another to have your freedom placed in jeopardy. And if you […]

April 2016 Warning Bells article

Another damn reason not to cuss! Potty mouth used to be cured with a bar of soap clenched in the offender’s teeth for a period of time calculated to impress on the youngster the joys of cleanliness both in body and speech. Nowadays that punishment would result in potential criminal charges and a visit from […]

July 2015 Blue Line article

How video is used in the prosecution of an officer It is a sobering thing to be in a criminal court as the defendant rather than an officer’s usual role as a witness against a defendant. But don’t think that it could never happen to you. All of us are one allegedly poor decision away […]

May 2014 Warning Bells article

A cautionary tale It was a nothing beef. An ordinary, routine, everyday vehicle stop resulting in a ticket and an RFC. As so often happens, it resulted in a biased policing and discourtesy complaint. The Department found no biased policing and no discourtesy, and yet an officer was fired and a superior court judge affirmed the Department’s action. […]

July 2013 Warning Bells article

Doing Right versus Being Right A new city attorney has been elected. Hopefully, he can straighten some things out that need to be addressed in the role of legal advice to the Department. Former City Attorney Trutanich complained about the lack of city attorneys and about the workload. Maybe that situation had something to do […]

September 2012 Warning Bells Article

We currently have five officers being criminally prosecuted over reports and court testimony Information in this article about the five officers is taken from the media. No confidential sources were used. We all want the bad guy to go to jail. We all want to see the criminal punished. That is why we make arrests, […]

July 2012 Warning Bells Article

Don’t get your body attached From the point of view of the hardworking officer who makes many arrests and writes more than his or her share of tickets, court appearances in a time of no cash overtime can be burdensome. Hard cash goes out for gas and transportation with little visible benefit, while days off […]