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July 2018 Warning Bells article

July 2018 – What if we just give them what they want? The LAPD is required on July 1, 2018, to be subject to Assembly Bill 953 (now Gov. Code 12525.5, known as the Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015). You will be required to fill out a four-page document answering questions about every […]

July 2016 Warning Bells article

De-escalation or Disengagement? There is a simple way to reduce the biased policing complaints and lots of other complaints,  for that matter. Stop making investigative stops. This would also reduce uses of force. How  many foot pursuits, vehicle pursuits and officer-involved shootings start with an investigative  stop? Sixteen of the 48 shootings in 2015 (33 […]

April 2016 Warning Bells article

Another damn reason not to cuss! Potty mouth used to be cured with a bar of soap clenched in the offender’s teeth for a period of time calculated to impress on the youngster the joys of cleanliness both in body and speech. Nowadays that punishment would result in potential criminal charges and a visit from […]

July 2014 Warning Bells article

Are we fighting crime, or fighting crime reporting? Crime statistic figures, when you think about it, are not made up of crimes, they are made up of crime reports. Unreported crimes are not part of the statistics. If all one cares about is looking good with the statistics, there are two ways of doing it—stopping […]