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November 2010 Blue Line Article

  Come on in; the Water’s F-F-F-Fine! While I have great respect for Chief Beck, when I read his article last month about “Myths and Rumors about Financial Disclosure” I couldn’t help but think of the comedy cliché of the kids in the swimming hole trying to entice their playmates into jumping into the freezing […]

October 2010 Blue Line Article by Paul Weber

Financial Disclosure It is a well-established fact that gangs are responsible for a significant amount of crime in our City. A reasonable person would think that the City and our Department must be doing everything possible to ensure the gang units are fully staffed with experienced officers and that vacancies are promptly filled. Unfortunately, nothing […]

Thoughts on Financial Disclosure Part 4 by Anonymous LAPD Officer

The Personal Cost of Financial Disclosure (Part 4) The legendary German story of Faust tells us the tale of a man who, although successful, is sufficiently dissatisfied with his life to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. Over time, the tale has become the symbol of an […]

Thoughts on Financial Disclosure Part 3 by Anonymous LAPD Officer

More Thoughts on Financial Disclosure (Part 3) Recently, a hard-charging former south-end police officer met with the captain of the division to which he was wheeled after probation. This captain meets with all officers interested in leaving his division for an exit interview to discuss the 1.40, and rightly so. The first portion of the […]

Thoughts on Financial Disclosure Part 2 by Anonymous LAPD Officer

Another Thought on Financial Disclosure (Part 2) A federal judge named Feess has decided that if you want to work a gang or narcotic unit for the LAPD, then you need to disclose any and all financial information to IAID. You must then produce documentation justifying any income (or lack thereof) that they find questionable […]

October 2010 Blue Line Article by Hank Hernandez

Just the Facts About Financial Disclosure – Not Myths or Rumors We have evaluated Chief Beck’s article about financial disclosure and offer the below counter-comments as to whether or not the financial disclosure policy contained in Special Order No. 20 implemented by the City and the Police Department will be effective in the prevention and […]

Thoughts on Financial Disclosure Part 1 by Anonymous LAPD Officer

A Thought About Financial Disclosure A four-part series of thoughts submitted by an LAPPL member. The author wishes to remain anonymous. Take a minute to look at your equipment. Check out your Sam Brown; notice the things you check out of the kitroom; look in your black and white; look at the vehicle itself. What […]

August 2010 Blue Line Article by Hank Hernandez

Financial Disclosure Policy: Career Ender? A nationally recognized expert on law enforcement administration attempted to assist the League in its legal fight against the financial disclosure requirements imposed on LAPD gang and narcotics officers by declaring, among other things, that the LAPD’s financial disclosure policy — implemented by Special Order No. 20 (2009) — is […]

July 2010 Blue Line Article by Hank Hernandez

Financial Disclosures: An Ineffective, Counterproductive Policy During our legal battle in federal court against the financial disclosure policy, implemented by the LAPD through Special Order No. 20 (2009), the League produced the legal opinions of several reputable law enforcement experts. There was not one rebuttal of their sworn declarations. Last month this article contained a […]

June 2010 Thin Blue Line article by Hank Hernandez

Financial Disclosures: Don’t Believe Their Spin; Read What One of Our Experts Declared The federal courts have spoken. The League’s long legal challenge to the LAPD’s financial disclosure policy, as implemented by Special Order No. 20 (2008), came to a close on February 3, after federal district court Judge Gary Feess granted the City’s motion […]