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March 2018 Warning Bells article

March 2018 – Time to Change the Officer-Involved-Shooting Protocol The last of the Body-Worn Video (BWV) cameras will be deployed by the end of February. The buffer on both the Digital In-Car Video (DICVS) and the BWV has been increased to two minutes. The likelihood that every use of force will now be on video […]

September 2016 Warning Bells article

Administrative Disapproval Doesn’t sound like anything you want, does it? What is it? How do you get one?  What can you do about it?  You might think from the media hysteria arising out of the Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and other uses of force across the nation that this media attention to uses […]

April 2014 Warning Bells article

The Eulia Love OIS It was January 3, 1979. “415 Business Dispute; meet the gasman at 11926 S. Orchard; Code 2” was broadcast to Southeast Division. Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, 18 Adam 97 was near the call and agreed to handle. The lives of the two officers and the LAPD would never […]

October 2011 Warning Bells article

A Life Well Lived Ed Jokisch died last week. His serial number was 180, three digits instead of five. He almost had three digits in his age, too. He was 97. I was honored to be a pallbearer. The burial was attended by his family and some of his old police buddies. They had four […]