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August 2018 Warning Bells article

Facebook and the First Amendment I have joked in the past that an officer should be suspended for five days just for opening a Facebook account. Humor aside, what can happen to you while using the internet is no laughing matter. We see internet comments used in many Internal Affairs investigations.  How can that be, […]

March 2018 Warning Bells article

March 2018 – Time to Change the Officer-Involved-Shooting Protocol The last of the Body-Worn Video (BWV) cameras will be deployed by the end of February. The buffer on both the Digital In-Car Video (DICVS) and the BWV has been increased to two minutes. The likelihood that every use of force will now be on video […]

March 2017 Warning Bells article

Police Commission administrative disapprovals matter When you are involved in a categorical use of force, it starts a chain reaction. First, of course, is the Force Investigation Division interview the night of the use of force. Then, there’s the restriction from the field until you are cleared by Behavioral Science Section and the Chief hears […]

January 2017 Warning Bells article

Charter change. What is it? Why did it happen? Why do we want it? In March of this year, the public will be asked to approve a Charter change affecting discipline for LAPD officers. It addresses the makeup of the members of the Board of Rights. Currently, a Board of Rights consists of three members: […]

December 2016 Warning Bells article

The League and lawsuits “Sue the Bastards” is a phrase attributed to Environmental Law Attorney Victor Yannacone in the ‘60s that seems to have heartily survived to the present day. It could qualify as a League bumper sticker judging by the number of lawsuits filed by the League in the past year. So how do […]

August 2016 Warning Bells article

The system is rigged At the risk of sounding like a presidential candidate, this is what the League has been saying about the discipline system and what the League has been trying to fix. The City Charter gives an officer the right to a trial by a three-member panel known as a Board of Rights […]

May 2016 Warning Bells article

An inconvenient truth Use of force policies must be short, simple and trained into the DNA of officers. Consider this. Sergeant Babysitter has been terrific at talking about everything under the sun but your shooting. Unfortunately, you can think of nothing else. The friendly chatter is actually distracting. You know that in too short of […]

Nov 2014 Warning Bells article

Three Strikes and the Discipline System is Out Or at least it should be. Then again, maybe a better metaphor would be three strikes and its life imprisonment away from us. A third LAPD captain is suing the Department alleging retaliation for failing to terminate an officer at a Board of Rights. Let’s recap this. There are […]

Oct 2014 Warning Bells article

Chief’s Interference with Board of Rights Rebuffed by Appellate Court “I send people to a Board of Rights for a reason – to be terminated,” Chief Beck told Dominique DiPrima during a KJLH-FM interview. As mentioned in previous columns, two prior Board of Rights members alleged in separate lawsuits that high-ranking Department officials told them pretty much the […]

Sept 2014 Warning Bells article

Not Even the Chief Respects the Discipline System Last week, two administrative appeal rulings from the Chief came across my desk. The hardworking representatives for the officers had won them at the hearing officer level, but the Chief of Police rejected both of the hearing ocer’s recommendations. Unfortunately, this is not unusual. Both due process […]