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December 2018 – Warning Bells article

Use of force “Clarification” clear as mud The Department’s “Clarification” notice issued on Jan. 22, 2018, says this: “The courts have held that Less-Lethal force are capable of inflicting significant pain and may cause serious injury. Therefore, consistent with the Department’s Use of Force Policy, Less-Lethal force options are only permissible when: An officer reasonably […]

June Warning Bells article

Use of Force Policy change–anyone ask you? On Nov. 10, 2015, short months after his appointment to the Police Commission, Entertainment Lawyer Matthew Johnson issued his “vision and goals for the LAPD.” Of interest here is his concern over the number of uses of force that he felt had doubled in comparison to the previous year. […]

January 2016 Warning Bells article

Disarming the good guys What would have happened if there had been a couple of fully-armed retired police officers attending the holiday party in the conference room at the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center? Would there still be 14 dead and 21 wounded? The terrorists came in, started spraying the room with bullets and then […]

Watch Your License Plate Frames

Info from ORS rep Cliff Armas: On 01/19/2011, three members of Mob Piru Crips, out of Compton, CA were arrested for a residential burglary that occurred in the City of Whittier. The burglary was interrupted by the victim, an off-duty LAPD officer. The suspect had already ransacked two out of three bedrooms, and placed the […]

December 2010 Blue Line Article

Maybe It Is Time to Rethink Some Policies According to the Associated Press, a police officer was involved in an on-duty shooting and wounded the suspect. The suspect was arrested. Apparently it was a controversial shooting because community members stormed the police station and tied two officers to their chairs. Then, in front of them, […]

Watch Out on Radio

Both iPad and iPhone have applications that funnel Internet radio broadcasts to their users. The application finds local law enforcement radio traffic and beams it to the iPhone. A friendly citizen heard an officer give his cell phone number to another officer over the police radio. The citizen called the surprised officer on his cell […]