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October 2016 Warning Bells article

When the crime report becomes the crime It is a noticeable trend. Criminal cases are being filed on officers that not so long ago were only Boards of Rights. It is one thing to have your job placed in jeopardy, but it is completely another to have your freedom placed in jeopardy. And if you […]

April 2016 Warning Bells article

Another damn reason not to cuss! Potty mouth used to be cured with a bar of soap clenched in the offender’s teeth for a period of time calculated to impress on the youngster the joys of cleanliness both in body and speech. Nowadays that punishment would result in potential criminal charges and a visit from […]

August 2014 Warning Bells article

The Electronic Leash Just in case the Digital-In Car Camera system and the upcoming body-worn cameras don’t capture your every move, there is another electronic device headed your way. It is called Telematics. This device will read the information in your vehicle’s electronic system, interpret it and make a record that can be retained and […]

December 2013 Warning Bells article

South Bureau Training for Supervisors I was recently invited to a South Bureau training event provided to the sergeants and lieutenants in the bureau. This event gave me the unusual view of hearing what a deputy chief was imparting to the front-line supervisors in terms of how, when and why policy was to be enforced. […]

November 2012 Warning Bells Article

Beware of Brady when you write that arrest report Just to make sure that your life as a police officer cannot get less complicated, a lot of disciplinary attention lately has been paid to what is not in an arrest report as well as what is. This reverberates around the understanding and misunderstanding of the […]

September 2012 Warning Bells Article

We currently have five officers being criminally prosecuted over reports and court testimony Information in this article about the five officers is taken from the media. No confidential sources were used. We all want the bad guy to go to jail. We all want to see the criminal punished. That is why we make arrests, […]

May 2011 Warning Bells Article

The Power of the Pen — to Put You in Jail! Sometimes a thoughtless act can have devastating consequences far surpassing anything imagined at the time. There are all kinds of ways of unintentionally crossing the line. The very nature of your job creates a minefield to maneuver through each day. Take report writing, for […]