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January 2019 Warning Bells article

Giving credit when credit is due Readers of this column probably know that I am not often complimentary on the actions of LAPD management. This is partly because, as the title of this column states, I am usually warning officers about how to avoid negative contact with the disciplinary system and sidestep career damage. However, […]

December 2017 Warning Bells article

  December 2017 – Our unsung heroes They get up in the middle of the night for League members; rise early to make morning watch personnel complaint interviews, and spend their weekends preparing for Boards of Rights and writing Skelly responses to avoid Boards of Rights. They are the League’s panel attorneys and they are […]

September 2016 Warning Bells article

Administrative Disapproval Doesn’t sound like anything you want, does it? What is it? How do you get one?  What can you do about it?  You might think from the media hysteria arising out of the Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and other uses of force across the nation that this media attention to uses […]

May 2016 Warning Bells article

An inconvenient truth Use of force policies must be short, simple and trained into the DNA of officers. Consider this. Sergeant Babysitter has been terrific at talking about everything under the sun but your shooting. Unfortunately, you can think of nothing else. The friendly chatter is actually distracting. You know that in too short of […]

March Warning Bells article

Four years of hell On April 15, 2012, Officer Jonathan Lai and his partner made an observation stop that would be life-changing. A 13-second use of force would take nearly four years to adjudicate. First, he was restricted from field duty, then ordered home, and finally, relieved of duty without pay. It started out as a simple […]

Feb 2016 Warning Bells article

Counting the days Doing nothing can have severe consequences. One of the many inquiries we get at the League concerns the various appeals available to officers’ when the Department takes some kind of adverse action against them. All too often, by the time the question is asked, it is too late to do anything about […]

September 2015 Warning Bells article

Finally, a protocol for IA interviews Most of the time, Internal Affairs investigators and representatives of accused officers getalong. After all, it is a state law that requires personnel complaint investigations and it is a state law that requires the right to representation. By law the interview will be done and the officer gets a […]

Oct 2014 Warning Bells article

Chief’s Interference with Board of Rights Rebuffed by Appellate Court “I send people to a Board of Rights for a reason – to be terminated,” Chief Beck told Dominique DiPrima during a KJLH-FM interview. As mentioned in previous columns, two prior Board of Rights members alleged in separate lawsuits that high-ranking Department officials told them pretty much the […]

May 2014 Warning Bells article

A cautionary tale It was a nothing beef. An ordinary, routine, everyday vehicle stop resulting in a ticket and an RFC. As so often happens, it resulted in a biased policing and discourtesy complaint. The Department found no biased policing and no discourtesy, and yet an officer was fired and a superior court judge affirmed the Department’s action. […]

January 2014 Warning Bells article

Thanks for the abuse The League recently won a lawsuit appeal in the appellate court. The appellate court ruled that classifying a personnel complaint as “not resolved” was a punitive action by the Department. Because it was punitive, it gave the officer the right to challenge the classification in an appeal under the Public Safety […]