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November 2018 Warning Bells article

Practicality meets science I have been complaining about this for 23 years, since the League’s attorney rollout program started in 1995. Officers who have been in a shooting and have been awake for 24 hours cannot give accurate interviews. They should be allowed to sleep before being subjected to the most important interview of their […]

March 2018 Warning Bells article

March 2018 – Time to Change the Officer-Involved-Shooting Protocol The last of the Body-Worn Video (BWV) cameras will be deployed by the end of February. The buffer on both the Digital In-Car Video (DICVS) and the BWV has been increased to two minutes. The likelihood that every use of force will now be on video […]

May 2016 Warning Bells article

An inconvenient truth Use of force policies must be short, simple and trained into the DNA of officers. Consider this. Sergeant Babysitter has been terrific at talking about everything under the sun but your shooting. Unfortunately, you can think of nothing else. The friendly chatter is actually distracting. You know that in too short of […]

April Warning Bells article

Sleep and Use of Force Interviews According to the latest Use of Force Annual Report posted on the Police Commission website, statistically, about 1 percent of your arrests will result in a use of force. That means that for 1 in every 100 arrests, you will have to fight. About two-tenths of 1 percent of […]