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August 2018 Warning Bells article

Facebook and the First Amendment I have joked in the past that an officer should be suspended for five days just for opening a Facebook account. Humor aside, what can happen to you while using the internet is no laughing matter. We see internet comments used in many Internal Affairs investigations.  How can that be, […]

June 2018 Warning Bells article

June 2018 – Beware the ORWITS It starts with a letter sent to you and the Chief of Police. “Dear Officer X: The Discovery Compliance Unit (DCU) of the Los Angeles County District Attor­ney’s Office (LADA) has been provided information regarding an alleged dis­crepancy between your report and the Digital In-Car Video (DICV) regarding the […]

July 2017 Warning Bells article

Outside the LAPD box We have our hands full with local LAPD problems and there is not much time to think about the law enforcement problems across the nation, but every once in a while, it is good to escape the LAPD bubble and look at what is happening nationally to other law enforcement agencies. […]

April 2017 Warning Bells article

Another reason not to use your personal cellphone for work On March 2, 2017, the California Supreme Court gave police officers another reason to leave their personal cellphones in the locker when they suit up and head out to the streets. Now your personal cellphone might be subject to a California Public Records Act (CPRA) […]

May Warning Bells article

It Never Forgets Even when you delete something, it is still there. It can be mined and recovered. I am speaking of the internet. It contains Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace and many more sites for communications that too often end up as exhibits in personnel complaints. The Department, on the other hand, does forget. […]

January, 2011, Warning Bells article

Here is a New Year’s resolution for you: “I will think defensively whenever I send an electronic message.” This means personal cell phones, computers and all those devices in-between. Like a tape recorder or a camera, the Internet never forgets the messages it transmits. When it comes to cell phones, just speaking on one at […]