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April 2018 Warning Bells article

April 2018 – What you need to know about Telematics The first mention of Telematics being used in a personnel investigation has now crossed my desk, so I guess it is about time to ring a Warning Bell. Telematics is a device installed on your police car that captures informa­tion about the vehicle’s shop number, […]

Jan 2015 Warning Bells article

“Words have meaning,” Arbitrator tells Department This may be a new concept to LAPD management. It takes a civilian to look into the Department forest and see a tree. And it only took two and a half years. This is a follow up to a Warning Bells article from February 2014 entitled, “Failing to Anticipate […]

August 2014 Warning Bells article

The Electronic Leash Just in case the Digital-In Car Camera system and the upcoming body-worn cameras don’t capture your every move, there is another electronic device headed your way. It is called Telematics. This device will read the information in your vehicle’s electronic system, interpret it and make a record that can be retained and […]

February 2014 Warning Bells article

Failing to anticipate the unexpected is misconduct “Patrol morale is way down” I was told when I queried officers on how they felt about a recent Board of Rights over charges brought against an officer because of a traffic collision. This was a hearing that meant a lot to the officers working the street. Twenty […]

December 2013 Warning Bells article

South Bureau Training for Supervisors I was recently invited to a South Bureau training event provided to the sergeants and lieutenants in the bureau. This event gave me the unusual view of hearing what a deputy chief was imparting to the front-line supervisors in terms of how, when and why policy was to be enforced. […]

August 2012 Warning Bells article

Driving and shooting are going to have a lot in common Although when you shoot you are trying to hit something and when you drive you are trying not to hit something, there are going to be similarities between the two by the time you read this. That similarity will be the thoroughness of the […]