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January 2019 Warning Bells article

Giving credit when credit is due Readers of this column probably know that I am not often complimentary on the actions of LAPD management. This is partly because, as the title of this column states, I am usually warning officers about how to avoid negative contact with the disciplinary system and sidestep career damage. However, […]

September 2017 Warning Bells article

De-escalation is not a tactic, it is a result That is what I was told at the Force Science Institute’s two-day seminar on “Realistic De-escalation.” As you know, the Police Commission has insisted on modifying our Use of Force Policy to include de-escalation, and de-escalation has become the buzzword that will solve all the use […]

June 2017 Warning Bells article

Fantasy-based policing On May 2, 2017, the Police Commission adopted the recommendations of the Inspector General (IG) in a report titled “Review of National Best Practices.” This report compared LAPD to two documents that purported to be the latest, greatest views on policing. The first was the “Final Report of the President’s Task Force on […]

June Warning Bells article

Use of Force Policy change–anyone ask you? On Nov. 10, 2015, short months after his appointment to the Police Commission, Entertainment Lawyer Matthew Johnson issued his “vision and goals for the LAPD.” Of interest here is his concern over the number of uses of force that he felt had doubled in comparison to the previous year. […]

May 2016 Warning Bells article

An inconvenient truth Use of force policies must be short, simple and trained into the DNA of officers. Consider this. Sergeant Babysitter has been terrific at talking about everything under the sun but your shooting. Unfortunately, you can think of nothing else. The friendly chatter is actually distracting. You know that in too short of […]

December 2015 Warning Bells article

Just checking another box? Last month I wrote a Warning Bells article on the recent training all of the officers on the Department went through officially entitled, “A National Discussion on Public Trust and the Preservation of Life.” This was the warrior versus guardian training, or “Operation Stand Down/Hug a Thug,” depending on your view. Every offcer was put through somewhere between four and […]

November 2015 Warning Bells article

Warrior or Guardian? Now that the entire department has been retrained under the new policing theory of “not a warrior, but a guardian,” a new philosophy fueling discipline is likely to follow.  Pundits have called the training “Operation Stand Down” or “Operation Hug a Thug” but if you have been around long enough, it is […]