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November 2018 Warning Bells article

Practicality meets science I have been complaining about this for 23 years, since the League’s attorney rollout program started in 1995. Officers who have been in a shooting and have been awake for 24 hours cannot give accurate interviews. They should be allowed to sleep before being subjected to the most important interview of their […]

May 2018 Warning Bells article

May 2018 – Smile-You’re on Candid Camera No one at the League thought posting videos of uses of force on the internet was a good idea. No one at the Police Commis­sion cared. It was going to happen. Period. End of story. The League was allowed to meet with the Commission and express our concerns. […]

March 2018 Warning Bells article

March 2018 – Time to Change the Officer-Involved-Shooting Protocol The last of the Body-Worn Video (BWV) cameras will be deployed by the end of February. The buffer on both the Digital In-Car Video (DICVS) and the BWV has been increased to two minutes. The likelihood that every use of force will now be on video […]

January 2018 Warning Bells article

January 2018 – Restricting access to private activity on Department video Two things are happening that makes the knowledge of how to seal portions of body worn video (BWV) more important. The first is that the Department is going to be releasing the video to the public, and the second is that the buffer has […]

November 2017 Warning Bells article

The video release policy and what it means to you We don’t have one yet, but it is coming. Currently, the Chief has determined that Digital In Car Video System (DICVS) and Body Worn Video (BWV) videos are part of the investigative process and will not be released to the public. The Los Angeles Times, […]

April 2016 Warning Bells article

Another damn reason not to cuss! Potty mouth used to be cured with a bar of soap clenched in the offender’s teeth for a period of time calculated to impress on the youngster the joys of cleanliness both in body and speech. Nowadays that punishment would result in potential criminal charges and a visit from […]

March Warning Bells article

Four years of hell On April 15, 2012, Officer Jonathan Lai and his partner made an observation stop that would be life-changing. A 13-second use of force would take nearly four years to adjudicate. First, he was restricted from field duty, then ordered home, and finally, relieved of duty without pay. It started out as a simple […]

July 2015 Blue Line article

How video is used in the prosecution of an officer It is a sobering thing to be in a criminal court as the defendant rather than an officer’s usual role as a witness against a defendant. But don’t think that it could never happen to you. All of us are one allegedly poor decision away […]

June 2015 Warning Bells article

Body Warn Video Policy Issued by Department Around 800 body cameras are going to hit the streets shortly. Seven thousand more are on the way. On April 28, 2015, the Police Commission approved and the Department issued the body worn video (BWV) policy, officially called “Special Order 12, Body Worn Video Procedures-Established.” There was a […]

Mar 2015 Warning Bells article

Body Worn Videos and Privacy The train is coming and nothing is going to derail it. LAPD has 7000 body cameras planned for the near future, and not to be outdone, President Obama has promised funding for another 50,000 body cameras nationwide. It’s a run-away train because few are thinking about all of the ramifications […]