LAPD Timeline

1865-1874 The is the decade in which the Los Angeles Police Department was born.  [Year by Year]

1875-1884 The decade in which LAPD gets its first official chief of police. [Year by Year]

1885-1894 The department starts the decade with 18 officers. [Year by Year]

1895-1904 Police professionalism is born in this decade under Chief Glass. [Year by Year]

1905-1914 Rapid growth and labor troubles dominate this decade. [Year by Year]

1915-1924 A world war, influenza epidemic, and the roaring twenties impact the Department.  [Year by Year]

1925-1934 Gun Squads, dragnets, air patrol happen in the environment of the Olympic games, the depression and corruption.  [Year by Year]

1935-1944 Reform spread causing wide spread changes in the Department and World War II ended the decade causing different problems. [Year by Year]

1945-1954 The influence of Chief Parker began. [Year by Year]

1955-1964 Chief Parker dominated the decade bringing major changes to the Department. [Year by Year]

1965-1974 The basic car plan and neighborhood watch are instituted.  [Year by Year]

1975-1984 Proposition 13 brings problems and the Gates era begins. [Year by Year]

1985-1994 The war against gangs and narcotics is waged. [Year by Year]

1995-2004 Facility expansion is started resulting in new police stations and the influence of Chief Bratton begins. [Year by Year]

2005-2014 The  of the consent decree and the beginning of a new administration under Chief Beck. [Year by Year]

2015-2024  Chief Beck retires and Chief Moore takes charge. [Year by Year]

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