Police Commission

Why is there a Police Commission?

The Board of Police Commissioners is the head of the Los Angeles Police Department as established by the Los Angeles City Charter.  They are five civilian members that are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council.  They serve from two to five year terms.   The Board sets overall policy while the Chief of Police manages the daily operations of the Department and implements the Board’s policies or policy direction and goals.  More information can be found at their web site.

Who are they?

Currently the five commissioners are:

President Matthew M. Johnson

Entertainment lawyer.  [more info]

Vice President Steve Soboroff

Businessman. [more info]

Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa

Executive Director in non-profit sector.  [more info]

Commissioner Cynthia McClain-Hill

Attorney [more info]

Shane Murphy Goldsmith

Chief Executive Officer of the Liberty Hill Foundation [more info]


Police Commission Activities.

What is happening at Commission hearings? [more info]


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