Watch Your License Plate Frames

Info from ORS rep Cliff Armas:

On 01/19/2011, three members of Mob Piru Crips, out of Compton, CA were arrested for a residential burglary that occurred in the City of Whittier. The burglary was interrupted by the victim, an off-duty LAPD officer. The suspect had already ransacked two out of three bedrooms, and placed the victim’s .38 revolver and ammunition in a pillowcase. One of the suspects admitted to following law enforcement officers home. When asked how they identified officers, he stated they look for stickers that indicate any type of law enforcement affiliation on personally owned vehicles. He also indicated they look for “KMA” license plate frames. The suspect stated they target law enforcement officers’ homes because they know they will find guns. In this particular case, the suspect did not admit to following the victim to his residence. Any questions, contact Detective Allen Lemus at (562) 244-0057, Whittier PD, Case #11-000592.

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